Missha Airy Fit Sheet Mask


Scent: Lemon
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  • Perfect adhesion like a glutinous rice cake sheet thinner than paper.
  • It provides convenience with light and thin sheet just like skin.
  • Skin-fit daily to fit the mask to deliver active ingredients to the skin effectively by the sticky adhesion.
  • Eco-friendly skin-fit sheet. Made from 100% natural-derived eco-friendly sheet.
  • Excellent air permeability with thin and light fabric.
  • It provides skin comfort with excellent adherence.
  • By applying cold brew method that extracted with a solvent at a temperature.
  • It provides active ingredients more safely and freshly.



  1. Water Type. By applying hydrating and light water type essence, it provides a refreshing finish on the skin.
  2. Cream Type. By applying soft but heavy cream type essence, make hydration fil and elastic film.
  3. Ampolute Type. By applying moisturizing and nutritious ampolute type essence, make skin texture smooth and soft.
>After washing your face, prepare your skin for toner.
>Spread the sheet mask evenly all over your face.
>Leave it for 15-20 minutes and remove the mask.
>Pat leftover essence lightly until fully absorbed.


>Use leftover essence on the pouch to neck, arms, or leg.


  • GREEN TEA. It makes skin moisturizing by containing green tea extract for dry skin.
  • LEMON. It makes skin bright by containing lemon extract with full of vitamin for dull skin.
  • TEA TREE. It soothes skin refreshingly by containing ta tree ingredient that is good at controlling oil for sensitive skin with lots of sebum.
  • POTATO. It brightens and soothes skin by containing potato extract with full of vitamin for dull skin.
  • PEARL. It brightens skin by containing pearl extract with full of mineral for dull skin.
  • SHEA BUTTER. It helps make skin film by containing shea butter ingredient full of moisture for dry skin.
  • RICE. It makes skin soft and provides radiant by containing rice ingredients for tough and dull skin. 
  • HONEY. It makes skin radiant and bright by containing honey extract with abundant vitamin, mineral, and essential amino acid for tough and dry skin.
  • CUCUMBER. It makes skin clean and moisturizing by containing cucumber extract with full of moisture for dried skin.
  • POMEGRANATE. It makes skin elastic and smooth by containing pomegranate ingredient that helpful for managing skin elasticity for weak and tired skin.
  • RED GINSENG. It makes skin healthy ang beautiful by containing red ginseng with full of nutrient for weak skin.
  • ALOE. It forms moisture film over the skin and makes skin elastic by containing aloe extract with superior moisture retention power for dried skin.


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