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As the leading online beauty store in UAE, PlusOxygen is the ultimate destination for all your beauty needs. With over 400+ products from genuine brands and well-curated and well-priced products, we have grown to become the premier destination for cosmetics, fragrance, hair care, wellbeing, and skincare products in Dubai. Our comprehensive selection caters to both regular individuals as well as serious professionals in the makeup industry, allowing you to create the perfect look for every occasion while enhancing your natural beauty and accentuating your features. Apart from our prompt delivery service, we provide customers with the finest and most unrivaled quality products, thereby building trust within our clientele.

As we continue to build our luxury portfolio, we are constantly adapting to and welcoming new trends in the industry. With cleaner, alcohol-free and organic makeup and skincare products, we pride ourselves on having everything under one roof to suit specific requirements. For more information, visit our website and explore our range of cosmetics available at highly competitive rates.

Italian Makeup and Beauty Products

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Save Dhs. 8
Mascara Best Finish “False Lashes Effect" - PlusOxygenMascara Best Finish “False Lashes Effect" - PlusOxygen
Save Dhs. 64.01
Five Dimensions Mascara - PlusOxygenFive Dimensions Mascara - PlusOxygen
Maike Five Dimensions Mascara
Dhs. 84.99 Dhs. 149
Save Dhs. 4.99
Sanitizing Hand Cream PlusOxygen™ - PlusOxygenSanitizing Hand Cream PlusOxygen™ - PlusOxygen
Save Dhs. 44.01
Maike Deep Color Lipstick -No.04 Mellow RoseMaike Deep Color Lipstick -No.04 Mellow Rose
Save Dhs. 50
Fast Volume Mascara by Maike - PlusOxygenFast Volume Mascara by Maike - PlusOxygen
Maike Fast Volume Mascara
Dhs. 79 Dhs. 129
Save Dhs. 60
Maike Full and Big MascaraMaike Full and Big Mascara
Maike Full and Big Mascara
Dhs. 89 Dhs. 149
Save Dhs. 24
Maike "Wonder Eye" Ink Liner-Black - PlusOxygenMaike "Wonder Eye" Ink Liner-Black - PlusOxygen
Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil by Maike - PlusOxygenMaike Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil -No.01 Black
Maike Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil -No.02 BrownMaike Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil -No.02 Brown

Professional Italian Haircare Products

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Perfumes and Oud

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Zahr and Rumaan  زهر و رمان - PlusOxygenZahr and Rumaan  زهر و رمان - PlusOxygen
Tourabi Oud    ترابي عود عطر - PlusOxygenTourabi Oud    ترابي عود عطر - PlusOxygen
Sultana Perfume عطر السلطنة - PlusOxygenSultana Perfume عطر السلطنة - PlusOxygen
Shk Hind Frash  شيخه هند فراش - PlusOxygenShk Hind Frash  شيخه هند فراش - PlusOxygen
SHK Haya  عطر الشيخه هيا - PlusOxygenSHK Haya  عطر الشيخه هيا - PlusOxygen
Shk Alkhaleej   عطر شيخ الخليج - PlusOxygenShk Alkhaleej   عطر شيخ الخليج - PlusOxygen
Shaden Perfume  عطر شادن - PlusOxygenShaden Perfume  عطر شادن - PlusOxygen
Salil Perfume  عطر سليل - PlusOxygenSalil Perfume  عطر سليل - PlusOxygen
Risha Amper   عطر ريشه عنبر - PlusOxygenRisha Amper   عطر ريشه عنبر - PlusOxygen
Rasmat Misk عطر رسمه مسك - PlusOxygenRasmat Misk عطر رسمه مسك - PlusOxygen
Rasma Misk Frash  رسمه مسك فراش - PlusOxygenRasma Misk Frash  رسمه مسك فراش - PlusOxygen

Korean Beauty Products

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